The Highland Clearances

Tusdale, Isle of Skye

Loch Eynort and the island of Canna, from Tusdale.

Tusdale is a lovely glen on the west coast of Skye, a few miles north of Glen Brittle and the Coulin mountains.
There are many remains of cottages, most of them little more than grassed-over outlines or mounds of stones.
A few still rise to a height of two or three feet, and the house of the tenant farmer, for whom the township was
finally cleared, is by far the most substantial ruin. There are outlines of fields, and on the lower slopes of the
hills around the glen the clear patterns of many lazybeds, where oats, barley, potatoes and other vegetables
would have been grown.

Quite obviously, this was once a well-populated place. South-facing, well-sheltered and with a wide expanse of
green and fertile ground, it is easy to see why. Today only a few sheep roam among the ruins, and the nearest
habitations are two miles or more away, at the inner end of Loch Eynort. Local people here say that Tusdale
once had so many inhabitants that it was nick-named "the capital of Skye".